Amazon Employee Discount 2022✨

Amazon Employee Discount 2022👉 You’re likely either new to Amazon or considering applying. If you haven’t already, you might be curious about the Amazon employee discount and how it works. 

After researching the Amazon employee discount and speaking with my Amazon contacts, I quickly realized that it is just a part of their entire employee benefits package. 

Amazon Employee Discount 2022

amazon employee discount

I decided to list the top Amazon employee benefits that you can get by working for the eCommerce giant. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Health Benefits

If an Amazon employee Amazon is working 20 or more hours each week, they are entitled to health benefits the day they begin working.

Amazon offers a wide range of health plans that collaborate with multiple providers of network services so employees get the most effective health care. In addition, Amazon offers Dental and Vision insurance.

If an employee wants to apply in an account with the Health Savings Account, the employer will contribute funds to the health insurance plan.

Benefits for Families

Amazon also offers a range of benefits for employees who have families. For instance, full-time workers at Amazon get the possibility of four weeks of prepartum and 10 weeks of paid post-partum leave.

In addition, Amazon offers a flexible return-to-work plan for newly-wed parents. This allows returning to work an easier process. Another perk for families that Amazon provides is adoption support.

Amazon offers an up to $5,000 allowance for single-child adoptions, and 10,000 for group and sibling adoptions.

Financial Benefits

Amazon is also a contributor to employees’ financial protection. For instance, Amazon matches employee contributions to 401(k) plans through a variety of investment options.

Amazon employees Amazon are also qualified to participate in life insurance, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance plans.

Career Benefits

At Amazon, it is understood that workers who work on an hourly basis may want to pursue a different career and provides programs that help employees reach their goals.

An initiative Amazon offers is its Career Choice Program, which covers 95 percent of the employee’s tuition costs books, tuition, and related charges.

The goal behind this initiative is to assist employees to focus on their education rather than worrying about the cost. Amazon provides tuition reimbursement as well.

After working for the business for a period of one year, employees can apply to receive an 85% tuition reimbursement for an Associate’s degree.

If you’re an Amazon employee, you may be interested in reading the details of Amazon’s policies on bereavement and its Amazon Lunch break policies, and Amazon transfer policy. Amazon transfers policy.

What is the Amazon Employee Discount?

✔Amazon offers a 10% discount for employees.

The annual discount is limited to $100. You get 10% off all purchases up to $1,000

It’s not a big discount but it’s better than nothing.

How Long Before You’re Eligible?

✔A current Amazon employee told me that you must work for the company for 30 days to be eligible for your employee discount.

Are Any Products Excluded from the Discount?


Products must be purchased and fulfilled by Amazon, and not third-party sellers.

All other items are excluded.

Do Employees Get a Discount on Amazon Prime?

✔Unfortunately, NO.

Employers are stuck paying the full price for a Prime Member.

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Can I Use My Discount on Prime Day?

✔Yes, You can get your 10% discount any day of the calendar, as long as you have eligible products.

Do Employees in India Get a Discount?

✔Unfortunately, NO.

I spoke to a customer service representative who lived in India, and he said that they don’t get an employee discount.

Can I Shop From My Amazon Affiliate Links?

✔You can earn a commission from any Amazon link on your blog or site that is clicked on by people who make purchases.

A small commission is earned on each sale. This can increase in value depending on how many people visit your site.

But you can not click your Amazon links to buy something and earn a commission.

They stopped this sneaky practice a while back.

Do Employees Earn Extra for Working on Holidays?

Yes, Amazon employees earn “time and half” if they work on the following 6 holidays:

  • New Year’s Day.
  • Memorial Day.
  • Independence Day.
  • Labor Day.
  • Thanksgiving Day.
  • Christmas Day.

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What Other Amazon Employee Benefits Are Available?

✔You’re welcome to ask because there are many other benefits of working at Amazon.

$15/hour Start Wage The minimum they will pay you is $15/hour, which is a good starting wage.

Benefits You are eligible from your first day of employment as long as you work at least 20 hours per week.

Maternity & Paternity leave – Full-time employees (blue badges), can take up to four weeks post-partum, and up to 10 weeks of paid leave after-partum.

Tuition Reimbursement After you have worked for Amazon for 1 year, you are eligible for 95% tuition reimbursement towards an Associates’s Degree or Certificate.

Adoption Assistance Up to $5,000 for single-child adoptions, and $10,000 for sibling/group adoptive.

Employee Assistance Plan Free counseling for employees and their families. This includes 3 free in-person counseling sessions each year.

Ask the Reader Are You a Current or Former Amazon Employee? What percentage of your time did you use the Amazon employee discount?

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