Bob Evans Survey @ 2022

Bob Evans Survey➤ One of the well-known stores, Bob Evans, has been around for approximately 70 years and is known for its various recipes.

To give you a chance to win $4 off, it, therefore, encourages its consumers to participate in the survey.

Additionally, their primary goal in conducting the survey is to gather client feedback and offer these suggestions to enhance their business.

Bob Evans Survey

Bob Evans Survey

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Prize for the Bob Evans Listens.SMG Survey:

You can win a $4 off coupon by taking the Bob Evans Listens survey.

Bob Evans Listens.SMG Survey Requirements

➤You must first have reliable internet access.
➤After that, you’ll need a laptop, computer, or tablet.
➤After that, it’s required to have a basic understanding of either English or Spanish.
➤The age restriction should, above all, be 18 years or older.
➤The purchase receipt from the Bob Evans Restaurant is absolutely necessary.
➤Additionally, the consumer has three days from the time of purchase to complete the Bob Evans Restaurant Survey.
➤Above all, you must strictly adhere to all the rules and regulations listed on the cash receipt.

How To Participate In Bobevanslistens Survey?

SMG Survey

➤First, you need to make a purchase from Bob Evans and properly store the receipt. 
➤Next, launch your web browser and navigate to, which is the survey’s official website. 
➤Third, you must input the 20-digit survey code on the receipt after logging in to the survey. 
➤The survey must then be completed three days after the purchase. 
➤Then, we must honestly respond to each and every question on the survey. 
➤You must afterward write down the nine-digit Bob Evans Validation Code after completing the survey. 
➤You must then visit the Bob Evans Restaurant with your receipt and the validation code. 
➤In the end, this will enable you to get $4 off purchases of $20 or more.

Bobevanslistens.Smg.Com Survey Homepage

What’s most intriguing is how frequently White and Red are used in the design of Bobevanslistens. SMG’s homepage. The Bob Evans Guest Satisfaction Survey Page is therefore located below.


Additionally, you are prompted to input the receipt’s 20-digit survey code.

About Bob Evans Restaurant

One of the well-known American restaurant chains is Bob Evans. Bob Evans opened the first location in New Albany, Ohio, in 1948.

Most importantly, it can be found in roughly 527 locations spread over 18 different US states.

Additionally, Bob Evans started conducting a poll known as Bob Evans Listens to the Customer Satisfaction Survey in order to continually improve its business.

Their primary goal in conducting this survey is to get client feedback and provide them with the chance to win $4 off.

They also hope to take their business to the next level by listening to customer input.

Contact Details

Mailing Address: 8111 Smith’s Mill Road New Albany, Ohio 43054 United States

Phone Number: 1-(614) 419-2225

Working Hours: 6 AM to 9 PM


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