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Jamba Juice Survey➤ The Jamba Juice survey, also known as the Tell Jamba survey, is a feedback form created by the business to collect comments from visitors to its retail locations.

Users will receive a prize from the business as a thank you. But not everyone qualifies to take the survey and receive the incentives.

Jamba Juice Survey

Jamba Juice customer

This guide outlines the prerequisites, advice, benefits, and procedures for completing the Jamba Juice customer satisfaction survey for all prospective participants.

Requirements for the Jamba Juice Survey

Customers must tell Jamba Juice about their most recent visit to one of their locations in order to enter. The Jamba Juice Survey for Customers and the Jamba Juice Survey for Insiders are the two variations of the survey.

They both contain identical questions, yet they yield different results. The precise specifications are:

a laptop. Each participant must have access to a computer in order to take the test (Mac, PC, laptop, or tablet). It can be done on a smartphone, although a small change in the website’s appearance will result. 

a safe connection to the internet. They will ask you for personal details since there are prizes. Although the company’s computers will securely store this sensitive information, it nonetheless suggests that each user protect their computer with antivirus protection.

A receipt for Jamba Juice A receipt with a 15-digit code must be provided by users. Additionally, participants must save the Jamba Juice customer visit receipt in order to verify their incentive.

a Jamba Juice Insiders’ profile. The entry form suggests that participants first register for a Jamba Juice account at jambajuice.com in order to be eligible for more rewards.

The account will provide users with a free birthday smoothie in addition to various Jamba Juice vouchers (and other rewards).

It’s important to note that entering the incorrect Jamba Juice survey code will prevent the IP address of that machine from participating in the survey.

Tips & Rewards for the Jamba Juice Survey 

The first step for participants is to open a Jamba Juice insider account. Regardless of the survey, they will provide the customer with a $3 Jamba Juice coupon once they have created this account.

Additionally, Jamba Juice Insiders will receive a point system that will track their points based on their purchases at the company’s retail locations.

Even if you are not a member of the Jamba Juice Insider program, you can still participate and receive some cool perks. The receipt should include the participant’s prize.

Rewards: a chance to win a $25 Jamba Juice coupon or a Jamba Juice validation code (for regular Jamba Juice customers).

Participants in the Jamba Juice guest experience survey must write the Jamba Juice validation code on their receipts in order to claim the incentive.

By doing this, the receipt will be changed into a Jamba Juice coupon that can then be used to redeem the benefits at a Jamba Juice shop.

How to Complete the Jamba Juice Survey?

The actions users must conduct in order to participate and receive prizes are listed below.

Visit telljamba.com now. Users will be greeted by a welcome message on the website, which will express how much the business values their open feedback.

Select a language. The Jamba Juice Survey’s language must then be selected by users. Thus, English and Spanish are the two languages that are offered.

Type the receipt code in. Users will now be prompted to input the 15-digit survey code in the survey. They will let you access the questions after you enter this code.

Respond to inquiries

Respond to inquiries. The next step is for participants to answer questions.
Get the benefits. The validation code must be obtained and written on the Jamba Juice receipt as the final step. Now, use this receipt as a Jamba Juice coupon.

Useful Links

Customer Service

Complaints & Comments

Depending on the severity of their issue, customers have a number of alternatives for submitting a complaint to Jamba Juice.

Call Jamba Juice on the phone. This is the choice that is the easiest for individuals who want to express dissatisfaction. Additionally, calling Jamba Juice nearly ensures that the issue will be resolved quickly and effectively.

Send an email to Jamba Juice. The second way to describe the issue in more depth is by this method.

Use Jamba Juice’s social media to post. This is a similarly effective technique to get in touch with Jamba Juice. updates Facebook.

So take advantage of the chance to inform a large audience about potential issues. This is the best place for users to complain about issues with the Jamba Juice survey.

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