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Sub of the Day Subway👉 Subway is likely familiar with its Sub of the Day promotion. This is a very popular offer but it’s hard to find updated information online. 

Continue reading for more information! Sub of the Day is one of Subway’s most popular promotions. Subway offers a sub-variety every day at $3.50, and it’s usually a 6-inch variety. 

Sub Of The Day Subway

These highlighted subs can vary from one location to another. Here is what Subway had to say in the Western United States 2 years ago.

  • Monday — Teriyaki Chicken with Sweet Onions.
  • Tuesday — Roasted Chicken in the Oven.
  • Turkey Breast on Wednesday.
  • Thursday – B.M.T. in Italian
  • Tuna on Friday.
  • Black Forest Ham on Saturday.
  • Meatball Marinara on Sunday.

“Eat well and live well”

This may or may not reflect the sub timetable at your local sub, so you should inquire personally for further information.

What Is The Price Of Sub Of The Day Subway?Subway’s Sub of the Day Specials can vary in price depending on where you are located. It typically costs $3.50 while some places may charge $3.99.

Here is The Sub Of The Day Subway Specials:

Subway Sub of the Day Subs
Monday Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
Tuesday Oven Roasted Chicken
Wednesday Turkey Breast
Thursday Italian B.M.T
Friday Tuna
Saturday Black Forest Ham
Sunday Meatball Marinara

Is There Still A Sub Of The Day?

✔Sub of the Day may not be available in every country or location. Reddit and Quora articles indicate that some Subways no more offer this promotion, though some do still offer it. 

To find out if this offer is still available, you’ll need to call your Subway.

This is a strange fact. It’s possible, however, that some Subways will continue offering the deal. The Subway Sub of the Day deal is very popular with people around the globe! 

We found two more YouTube ads for the Subway Sub of the Day.

The Subway Sub of the Day 2022 menu has been updated! Subway continues to keep it going with its daily Sub of the Day as well as amazing bargains. 

This menu features some of the most sought-after subs in Subway’s stores across the United States. Get a Subway sandwich at a great price every day.

Sub sandwiches can be $5 or $6 feet long. However, they may occasionally cost $7. Click here to find Subway’s Sub of the Month. 

Subway’s Sub of the Day was and remains one of the most successful fast-food promotions. Subway Sub of the Day promotions varies by location.

Local favorites are sometimes chosen over other subs in the weekly lineup.

In international restaurants, local and cultural favorites can be substituted for American staples. Subway’s Sub of the Day costs $6, or $6.49, instead of the $5 footlong.

In some places, it may even be $7. It’s a sub of a foot with your choice toppings and dressings. This Subway daily deal is fantastic! 

This deal doesn’t require a coupon. Subway will always offer a different sub sandwich each day, so you can enjoy a wide selection of their fan favorites.

Subway also offers daily deals, including the $3.50 6-inch Select sub sandwich. This is a classic Subway Sub of the Day sandwich in a 6-inch size at a very low price. 

They have previously run huge national promotions such as September and February where all sub sandwiches were $5 or $6 for the whole month. 

This promotion is called Subway Sub Of The Month. It includes a $5 or $6 footlong.

Subway Sandwich Of The Month

In addition to the Subway Sub of the Day, they offer a Subway Sub of the Month Promotion. This Subway deal includes a new footlong sub sandwich every month. Subway uses this Subway special to offer a new sub.

This is a great way for Subway to advertise a new sub or to bring in customers to try another Subway product. 

They used to offer monthly specials such as September and February where every sub sandwich was on sale at a reduced price. 

You can try a different style of footlong every single day for a whole month if you take advantage of this offer!

Subs at your local Subway might be different.

Subway offers a great selection of bread, meats, and cheeses as well as vegetables, condiments, dressings, and other options. Subway doesn’t just offer sandwiches. 

You can also get any sub sandwich turned into a salad at this place. You can now order breakfast from them, including a variety of flatbread breakfast sandwiches. 

Your footlong sub “deluxe” can be ordered, which adds half the meat to your sandwich. Toasting your sub is an option.

Stuart Frankel, a Subway franchise owner, was trying to increase weekend sales when he started the Subway deal in Miami. 

He noticed that weekend sales were slower than those on weekdays. He decided that the best way for him to achieve this was to create a new promotion to increase interest and bring more people to his restaurants.

He decided to make every footlong Sub in his shop the same cost, so he settled for the round $5. 

Subway franchise owners in the region noticed an increase in sales so they decided to make the Subway daily special available in their restaurants. 

Subway executives noticed the popularity of this Subway daily special and decided to make it a national promotion.

Subway was able to develop the Subway Sub of the Day thanks to this $5 footlong. It became one of America’s most loved fast food deals. 

One of the most memorable elements of the campaign was the “$5 footlong” song, which was created to be used in commercials. This helped to establish the promotion’s cult status.

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