TJ Maxx Hours – What Time Does TJ Maxx Open-Close 2022✨

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TJ Maxx Hours 2

TJ Maxx and marshals operate as sister stores and share one common store across the country. 

The prices are the same as well as having similar designs in their shops. TJ Maxx has a more elegant style than Marshalls and usually offers a wider selection of fashion jewelry as well as other items. 

Some stores that have a higher volume of merchandise have a designer department called The Runway.

What time do you think TJ Maxx starts its day? Are they the largest clothes store? What are the opening hours for this store? Is this place open late hours? 

Let me clarify these issues. There are a lot of concerns about this, such as when the store is open on weekends, and when are the holiday hours for this particular store

TJ Maxx Holiday Hours (Open):

Black Friday Christmas Eve
Cinco de Mayo Columbus Day
Easter Monday Good Friday
Halloween Labour Day
Father’s Day Mardi Gras
Mother’s Day Memorial Day
New Year’s Day President’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day Tax Day
Veteran’s Day Valentine’s Day

TJ Maxx Holiday Hours (Closed):

Bad Weather Days Christmas Day
Easter Sunday Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day New Year’s Day


What is the time TJ Maxx opens?

✔The usual opening time for TJ Maxx is 9:15 AM.

What is the exact time TJ Maxx close?

✔Generally, the closing time of TJ Maxx is 9 PM.

What is the time that TJ Maxx opens and closes on a Saturday?

✔The closing and opening hours at TJ Maxx on Saturdays are between 9:00 AM and 9:00 pm.

What is the time that TJ Maxx opens and closes on Sundays?

✔The time of opening and closing at TJ Maxx on Sundays is between 11:00 AM and 6:00 pm.

Do the hours of opening and closing of TJ Maxx differ based on the region?

✔Yes, the hours of operation of TJ Maxx vary based on where they are located.

Is the TJ Maxx store open on weekends?

✔There are numerous occasions when TJ Maxx remains open while on certain holidays, the store closes. The table is shown above.

What are the operating timings at TJ Maxx?

✔The working hours for TJ Maxx are 12 hours which is from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM

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TJ Max Operating Hours

The rule of thumb follows to ensure that The TJ Maxx Store operates starting at mid-morning and runs till late into the night. 

The hours listed are open for anyone who would like to shop for clothes or other products that you would like to purchase.

Check out the hours of opening and closing hours at TJ Maxx on Weekdays that fall during the week between Monday and Friday. 

You can relax and follow the normal schedule times. Most businesses adhere to the normal timetables and timings change only when holidays fall in between.

TJ Maxx Working Hours

The hours of opening and closing at TJ Maxx are as usual during regular hours. 

The normal hours run from Monday through Saturday, and their operating hours are 9.30 Am to 9.30 Pm. 

When it comes to weekends (which is Sunday) the hours are from 11:00 Am to 8.30 Pm

Departmental Store TJ Maxx operates on weekends, as does the other Weekday. 

Find out the opening and closing Time at TJ Maxx on both Saturdays and Sundays by referring to the table below. 

On Sundays, the majority of stores remain open until later or close later than they normally do. Find out when TJ Maxx opens and closes on weekends, and make a plan based on it.

TJ Maxx Hours

Day of the Week Opening-closing timings
Monday 9 AM to 9:00 PM
Tuesday 9 AM to 9:00 PM
Wednesday 9 AM to 9:00 PM
Thursday 9 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday 9 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday 11 AM to 6:00 PM

On Which Holidays TJ Maxx Opens

It is recommended to check the calendar of holidays when TJ Maxx Opens and Closes. See when TJ Maxx Opens and Close What time does TJ Maxx Open during the holiday season.

Most of the time, the stores will be operating with modified or reduced hours during Special Events. Stores are staying open later or close earlier during the holidays as compared to other days.

Black Friday isn’t included in the calendar of holidays. The holiday will be marked by extended prolonged hours. Stores opening earlier or closing earlier than normal. 


TJ Maxx store consists of clothes, women and men’s accessory items, household appliances including kitchen and cooking appliances. 

TJ Maxx’s working hours and timings for the week are regular. On holidays, the store will be open but closed for a few days during the holiday season. 

Shop here for an unforgettable experience and experience the durability and quality of the product you buy.

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