Wendy’s Secret Menu Items In Fast Food Menu Prices 2022✨

Wendy’s Secret Menu Items In Fast Food Menu Prices👉 Wendy’s offers a fascinating secret menu. Although it’s not very extensive, it has a lot of burgers that are large and delicious. 

These hidden menu options might surprise you with a delicious square burger. Perhaps a burger large enough to feed a whole wrestling team.

Wendy’s Secret Menu

Wendy’s Secret Menu Items In

Wendy’s Menu Item

Wendy’s secret menu is brief and direct. It is more spicy than sweet but does the job. Two of the secret menu selections are enormous meat monsters: the Grand Slam and the Barnyard.

You can eat enough burgers to satisfy even the most discerning appetites. One focuses on mixing meats while the other sculpts a large mound of beef. 

Scroll down for more information about Wendy’s secret menu burgers. Although the Wendy’s Secret Menu may not be as extensive as others, it does contain two fast food inventions SecretMenus could not miss. 

Prices may vary depending on where you live.

What Is On The Wendy’s Secret Menu?

  1. The Barnyard
  2. The Grand Slam
  3. International Bonus: Wendy’s Foie Gras Burger
  4. Wendy’s Secret Menu Items

This sandwich is made by combining a variety of meats from the farm between two soft Wendy’s buns. It lives up to its name. 

For a varied and enjoyable dining experience, employees stack bacon, beef, and spicy chicken fillets.

Some people love the combination, while others find it too overwhelming. The combination of sweet ham and a bacon burger with extra spice from the fillet covers all the carnivore flavors. 

Ask for the Barnyard, and they will likely recognize it. However, they do not have any secrets other than The Grand Slam.

If they don’t know, they can make a burger with these components at a higher cost (depending on where you are). If you are starving and need protein, it will be worth the effort.

The name of any secret menu item has never been more appropriate. If you order “The Barnyard”, Wendy’s secret menu item, you’ll receive a burger that includes bacon, beef, spicy chicken, and ham. 

You can add lettuce and tomato if you feel very healthy. According to Diana, if you get a blank stare while ordering it, order a single cheeseburger and then tell them that you would like a hot patty on top.

Grand Slam

This is a simplified version of The Barnyard. It combines four thick, all-beef patties into one tall burger. Wendy’s motto “You know when it’s real” is still true.

Four of their fresh patties will satisfy your hunger pangs and keep you full. You can spice up plain burgers by adding cheese or vegetables. No matter what your choice, bring an empty stomach.

Ask for the Grand Slam. If they don’t know, explain that it is four beef patties in one hamburger. Prices will vary depending on where you live, so be sure to ask.

The stacks of beef may be extra, but they will not be charged an additional charge. You’ll feel delightfully numb after you finish the burger.

Four is the magic number for the Grand Slam burger. Four beef patties are sandwiched between 2 pieces of cheese and topped with a bun. 

You can ask for a slice of cheese between each burger if you feel brave. Some people may also add some lettuce leaves to the top. 

If you don’t know what Wendy’s is talking about, order the quadruple burger of 1 pound.


Wendy’s Secret Menu

Below Are The Latest Wendy’s Secret Menu Items

Barnyard Burger A chicken and beef filled burger with melted cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes $4.99+
Meat Cube 4 beef patties and melted cheese slices packed into one juice hamburger $5.00
Quadruple Baconator Wendy’s Triple Baconator with one extra patty $6.09+
T. Rex 12 burger patties on a delicious hamburger filled with melted cheese and various other toppings $15.99+


Wendy’s Foie Gras Burger: An International Bonus

This burger uses foie gras, a Japanese delicacy. It’s a $16 burger that’s been topped with goose liver. 

Foie gras, a Japanese delicacy, is also known as. Japanese delicacy Foie Gras. Take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself!

Wendy’s Secret Menu Items

Wendy’s secret menu items include Barnyard and Grand Slam. Barnyard is made of beef, spicy chicken, and bacon in all its glory. 

These kinds of meat in a bun don’t appear on all Wendy’s hamburgers or any fast-food business. Although many customers love this meaty burger, some feel it is too expensive. One thing is certain, the Barnyard burger is special.

The Grand Slam is a simplified version of the Barnyard Burger. It’s not a terrible burger, I thought. It’s a “Grand Slam” with four thick, delicious beef patties in one bread. It is therefore taller. 

This huge burger will fill your stomach to the brim. You can also add condiments if you find the burger boring. Ask the staff for help.

Beef With Asiago:

The sandwich is identical to the Asiago Chicken and Apple Wood Smoked Bacon but it contains a beef patty instead of chicken. 

Although it may sound odd, the Asiago cheese is used and ranch sauce makes this sandwich quite tasty.

Sandwich With Spicy Asiago Chicken

Erik, a long-time reader, has provided this tip. This bad boy will come with the Asiago Chicken sandwich and a spicy chicken patty. 

Eric says the spicy chicken and sweet-smoked bacon blend well together.

Cubes Of Meat

The Meat Cube works in the same way as the Grand Slam. Personally, I find the term offensive so I would choose the Grand Slam burger.


A nine-patty burger that includes nine slices of cheese, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and lettuce as well as one overloaded bun. 

The burger has been a cult item on the Internet. Many Wendy’s will not cook it, but it’s worth asking. One commenter said that the best way to order it was to ask for a triple cheese and six-cheese patties on top.

This will cost you around $22 but you can give or take a few bucks.

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